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Llama and Alpaca fibre is not a new idea, it has much to offer:
  • warmth without the bulk…up to seven times warmer than wool
  • no lanolin…gentle soaps can be used to wash llama and alpaca, no harsh chemicals are necessary.
  • Those with allergies can wear the finer yarns
  • with no guard hair next to the skin, there is no prickle factor.
  • 22 natural colours
  • very dyeable, can be blended with other fibres
  • strongest natural fibre next to mohair
  • all fibre yield is used, there is no waste…the top quality fibre is used for yarn and fabric
  • Second grade is used for sport weight yarn, socks and felt.
  • Third grade is used for heavy felt, duvets and pillows.
  • Inca royalty wore garments of spun vicuna, a relative of the llama and alpaca which was almost extinct at the turn of the last century
  • alpaca is popular with design houses worldwide, in particular the Italian and Asian markets

There are exotic fibre processing mills in Canada (Alberta, BC,
most recently Ontario) and the States. Rovings for spinning, yarn for
knitters, weavers and crocheters, batts for felting, duvets and
pillows, are available in pure alpaca, llama or blended with sheep’s
wool, depending on the end use.

In the last few years, fabric, socks, scarves, throws and blankets have
been added to the list of items available

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